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Sony A7 Mark 4

Sony A7 Mark 4

Since February 2022, the Sony A7 Mark 4 has been my primary camera. I personally love everything about this camera and how versatile it is in any situation. 

This lens is appropriate for most shooting conditions and a fixed aperture of f/2.8 gives you a lot of freedom to capture anything with plenty of light entering the lens.

The Godox SL 150 mark 2 is ideal for shooting videos and still images. Very good quality and versatile continuous light. Also, the Mark 2 provides a silent cooling fan which helps you capture better videos as well.

My primary tripod as of now, the built quality is just amazing and the overall features are just very useful. Definitely worth the amount you spend on it.

This is the softbox I use with my Godox SL 150, 90 cm is more than enough for most product and food shooting conditions and the best part about this softbox is how easy it is to set up, unlike the convention softboxes.

This is the tripod I started out with and if you are considering getting one, a big thumbs up for this one. Very affordable and of good quality.

I do consider my iPhone as one of my most important pieces of gear. Very handy for a run and gun shooting and the quality of content is definitely unbeatable.

The Canon 1500D was my first camera and it will surprise you how much this camera can accomplish for you. Even though it’s an entry-level camera I still use it as my secondary camera. I have always used it with the 18-55 kit lens and that did the job for me pretty well.

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